File Import for CATIA®V5

File Import for Catia®V5

To Bring Your CATIA®V5 Designs Into COMSOL Multiphysics®

File Import for Catia V5

A CATIA®V5 geometry of a car door is imported into the COMSOL Desktop®.

Bring Together CAD Design and Simulation

To provide the highest quality data translation for your CATIA®V5 files, use the File Import for Catia®V5 add-on to the CAD Import Module. This add-on translates your CATIA V5 part (.CATPart) or assembly (.CATProduct) files using authentic libraries from CATIA V5. The boundary representation (BREP) information describing the topology and geometry of the design is read and converted into the Parasolid® format, which is the format used by the CAD Import Module.

To save valuable time during simulation set-up, you can use the Create Selections option for the file import to automatically configure selections based on the structure of the .CATProduct file. Using this will allow you to assign material properties to domains that automatically derive their names from the names of the components in the imported file.