Single-turn and Multi-turn Coil Domains in 3D

Model ID: 14067

This tutorial illustrates how to use the Single-Turn Coil Domain and Multi-Turn Coil Domain features for modeling 3D coils. Both DC and AC coil modeling strategies are discussed. A series of simple illustrative tutorials are used to show different possible ways of using the following features.

1. Single-turn coil domain
a) Gap feed
b) Boundary feed

2. Multi-turn coil domain
a) Linear coil
b) Circular coil
c) Numeric coil
d) Using symmetry
e) User-defined coil

This model was built using the following:

AC/DC Module
  • 3D_Coils_43a.pptx - 3.66MB
  • coil_pic.png - 0.38MB
  • multi_coil_circular.mph *
  • multi_coil_linear.mph *
  • multi_coil_numeric.mph *
  • multi_coil_numeric_symmetry_half.mph *
  • multi_coil_numeric_symmetry_octant.mph *
  • single_coil_boundary_feed.mph *
  • single_coil_gap_feed.mph *

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