2013 U.S. Government COMSOL Workshop

Fanny Littmarck April 25, 2013
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Each year in May we host a multiphysics simulation workshop specifically for U.S. government employees. This year’s agenda will provide attendees with an overview of COMSOL Multiphysics, tutorials, a user presentation, and more — all in a setting that allows classified work to be shared among federal employees and contractors only.

About the U.S. Government COMSOL Workshop

This year’s COMSOL Government Workshop will be held on May 16th in Silver Spring, MD, and we’ve got a lot planned. After registration there will be an introduction to the latest version of COMSOL Multiphysics, followed by a tutorial of advanced features (with a coffee break in between, of course). Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the COMSOL Builder Tools, which can be leveraged for modifying and adapting models with ease. Curious about the simulation work-flow? You will learn all about it during the simulation demo. There will also be a session just on geometry and meshing, Q&A, two user presentations held by government researchers, and free lunch.

NIST: Improving Radiation Dosimetry Measurement Standards

In the afternoon, attendees will hear from Dr. Ron Tosh of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Dr. Tosh is going to present his research on improving measurement standards for radiation dosimetry. More specifically, he is using simulations for mapping dose fields from therapeutic and diagnostic x-ray beams. The quality of x-ray diagnostics and radiotherapy beams is assured based on radiation dosimetry measurements. Presently, these measurements are obtained via an indirect chain connecting field instruments used in the clinic to a primary standard water calorimeter at NIST. The discrepancies in beam characteristics that occur in this indirect chain are addressed with radiation transport simulations. Unfortunately, these are riddled with systematic uncertainties due to assumptions that are made regarding how the irradiated medium interacts with the radiation. Tosh will present a new tactic for leveraging simulation that could lead to next-generation radiation dosimetry measurement standards.

Will we see you there?

Learn more about the presentation, look through the complete agenda, and find specific event location information on the 2013 COMSOL Government Workshop page.


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