COMSOL at Inter-Noise 2012 in New York City

Mads Herring Jensen August 9, 2012
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COMSOL is going to be a silver sponsor for the Inter-Noise 2012 conference that will be held in New York City on August 19-22. Inter-Noise 2012 will be the 41st International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering. This event is one of the largest acoustics conferences and covers a variety of topics in acoustics, vibrations, and noise control, including a session on numerical techniques.

Inter-Noise is a great opportunity to meet researchers and stay up-to-date with the latest in the field of acoustics, noise control, and noise propagation. There will also be plenty of exhibition booths to check out at the vendor exposition. I’m the Technical Product Manager for the Acoustics Module, so this year I will be representing COMSOL at Inter-Noise. Before joining COMSOL, I worked for five years in the hearing aid industry as an acoustic finite element expert (using COMSOL Multiphysics) studying, among other things, the performance of miniature directional microphones and analyzing feedback problems in hearing aids. Now that you know why I’m looking forward to attending this event, you might be curious about the Acoustics Module. In relation to the topics covered at the conference, the Acoustics Module may, for example, be used for detailed modeling of sound absorbing materials in panels, absorbers, and for modeling diffusers (optimizing acoustical response and determining lumped parameters). Improvement of noise control systems may be achieved via simulations of noise propagation and responses. Inter-Noise has become the conference where the latest in calibration of transducers, such as measurement microphones, and measurement techniques is presented. Detailed modeling of acoustics in small devices is an area where the Acoustics Module is especially powerful with its Thermoacoustics user interface.

I’m excited to represent COMSOL at this year’s acoustics conference in NYC, and I hope to see you there too!


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