Recap of the Particle Tracing Module Webinar

Phil Kinnane January 18, 2012
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The Particle Tracing Module webinar was a huge success. Over 1,250 people signed up for it and saw our lead developer, Dan Smith, demonstrate the product and explain the science behind it. He received a lot of questions during the webinar, and our support engineers are currently helping him answer them.

Particle Tracing Mixer

Comments on the Webinar

“Most of the attendees were interested in particle tracing in fluid flow, although there were also a number of people who worked within electromagnetic fields”, Dan said. “It was great to see that so many could see themselves extending their finite element modeling with particle tracing.”

This last comment refers to the fact that the Module maintains COMSOL’s multiphysics philosophy by coupling the physical effects of the particles to the field they happen to find themselves in. This means that the dust particles in an electrostatic precipitator will not only be affected by the electrostatic field between the two electrodes, but they in turn affect the electrostatic field, as they are modeled as charged species.

You can view an archived version of the webinar here. Or you may instead want to get right into the product itself and watch a short video on how to build a model using the Particle Tracing Module here.

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