Video Tutorial: LiveLink™ for Excel®

Andrew Griesmer December 10, 2012
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The latest version of COMSOL Multiphysics features a brand new way to use COMSOL. With LiveLink™ for Excel® you can modify and run COMSOL models in Microsoft Excel® 2007 or 2010. This combines the familiarity of Excel® with the physics simulation capabilities of COMSOL. Thus, making it easy for users of Excel to run multiphysics simulation without operating COMSOL themselves. A new LiveLink™ for Excel® video tutorial demonstrates the powerful combination. In the video, the main features to help you model and present in Excel® are demonstrated.

LiveLink™ for Excel® Brings Simulations and Spreadsheets Together

Before using LiveLink™ for Excel® you need to build a model in COMSOL. Parameters defined in COMSOL can be accessed once inside Excel®. After installing LiveLink™ for Excel®, a COMSOL tab will be added to the Excel® ribbon. This tab contains tools for defining parameters, running studies, and analyzing results. Any model created in COMSOL can easily be imported into Excel®. Whenever a model is opened in Excel®, a separate graphics window opens, for visualizing results. This way, the COMSOL Desktop doesn’t need to be running for you to view the changes you make to your model.

LiveLink™ for Excel® takes advantage of the postprocessing tools in Excel® as well as COMSOL. Results calculated in COMSOL can be accessed in Excel® so that you can create charts with the simulation results. Furthermore, you can insert COMSOL graphics directly into the Excel® sheets simply by clicking on Insert Graphics. The LiveLink™ for Excel® video tutorial above demonstrates how to set up a COMSOL model to be modified in Excel®. A parametric sweep using defined parameters from COMSOL will be set up inside Excel®, and the results of the sweep evaluated using both features from Excel® and COMSOL.

Excel® is registered trademark of Microsoft or its subsidiaries in the U.S and/or in other countries. LiveLink™ for Excel® is not affiliated with, endorsed by, sponsored by, or supported by Microsoft or any of its subsidiaries in the U.S and/or in other countries.

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