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Phase Change in Two-Phase Flow

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Dear all,

I am trying to solve a two-phase flow problem, where one of the fluids is a gas and the other a polymer melt. Isothermal computation works out of the box without any severe problems.

However, I want to make a non-isothermal simulation, where heat is transfered from both fluids to the surroundings (Dirichlet condition with constant temperature for the beginning). Now as maybe known, polymers tend to phase transitions at their glass transition or melt temperature and essentially solidify, when they are cooled down to the respective temperature.

I wondered, how I can implement this in two phase flow with a level set method. So straight forward I added "Heat Transfer in Solids and Fluids" and added the polymer as a phase change material. Started the computation, which ran without a problem and got some results. However, it appears there is no coupling of the temperature fields at all and subsequently no solidification of the polymer melt.

I wonder wether I did something wrong or this method just does not work.

Also, maybe there is a different approach to solving this. I also thought about directly implementing this into the material properties, but still working on how to do it properly. Just setting the viscosity to some value won't work I guess.

Does anybody of you has experience with this kind of model and can help me out with advice?

Thanks and best regards, André

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Hello Andre Rieger

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