Chemical Engineering Education in the Digital Age

H. Scott Fogler
University of Michigan
Michigan, USA

Today's students have been interacting with computers from an early age.

This presentation answers the questions: How do we teach today's students? How do today's students learn? How can technology enhance learning? What are types of student learning styles?

Keynote speaker's biography: Professor H. Scott Fogler, a distinguished educator who excels in both teaching and research, is widely known for his engineering expertise in the area of flow and reaction in porous media; his pioneering studies form the cornerstone of current technology in petroleum production engineering. Professor Fogler also has changed the way undergraduate engineering education is taught with his innovative curriculum materials and teaching methods. Professor Fogler is the author of Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering, which is estimated to be used by approximately 75% of all chemical engineering programs in the United States and is the dominant book world wide. He and his students are well-known for their work in porous media, which encompasses a number of fundamental chemical engineering areas, specifically; reaction engineering, colloids, separations, and multiphase flow. In addition to funding by government agencies, an industrial affiliates program consisting of major oil companies has supported the research on flow and reaction in porous media for the past 18 years. A number of research results are now being used in industrial applications.

H. Sott Fogler was one of the keynote speakers at the COMSOL User's Conference, fall 2005 in Stockholm