Simulation of Microfabricated Linear Ion Trap

J. Heinonen[1], M. Erdmanis[1], I. Tittonen[1]
[1]Aalto University, Department of Micro- and Nanosciences, Espoo, Finland

We present a simplified 3D model that simulates the operation of a linear microscale integrated ion trap. It employs a set of metalized electrodes, which are formed on top of an insulator layer on silicon substrate. The confinement in all three dimensions is provided by the application of the specific AC and DC voltages to the corresponding trap electrodes. The distribution of the trapping potential was calculated utilizing the Electrostatics interface (DC) and Electric Currents interface (AC). The obtained field distributions were used for the simulation of ion trajectory in Charged Particle Tracing interface. The model enables the estimation of trapping conditions and stability of an ion. We apply it to study secular and micromotion frequencies of a single Sr+ ion.