New Functionality in Version 4

  • The definition of material properties has been reworked and extended, both for frequency and time domains.
  • Thin interior wallshard, with acceleration, impedance or perforations—can now be defined directly as boundary conditions. No modification to the geometry is necessary.
  • The Scattered field formulation no longer makes any assumptions about the incident field. This makes it easier to model complicated situations with both fluid-fluid and fluid-solid interfaces.
  • A new multiphysics interface for acoustic-structure interaction has been added. The coupling between fluids and solids is fully automated.

Backward Compatibility

Ultraweak Formulation

The ultraweak formulation is not implemented in version 4.0a and is not planned for re-implementation in its previous form. The reason is that this formulation is very difficult to use without basis element order adaptivity (p-adaptivity).

Pair Boundary Conditions

Vortex sheet condition on assembly pair boundaries is missing in the Aeroacoustics interface. You can use the slit-based vortex sheet boundary condition instead.