New Functionality in Version 4.1

  • Permeability and porosity can be obtained from the Material Library in all interfaces involving porous media flow: Darcy's Law, Richards Equation, Brinkman Equations, Fracture Flow, Free and Porous Media Flow, and Poroelasticity interfaces.

Backward Compatibility vs. Version 3.5a

Special Basis Functions or Elements

None of the special basis functions or elements for the finite element formulation of flow problems included in version 3.5a are available in version 4.0. However, bubble elements and streamline diffusion are equivalent. Hence, old model that utilized bubble elements can be solved using streamline diffusion instead.

Other special elements that were available in 3.5a will not be re-implemented in version 4. The reason for this is that the stabilized formulation in version 4.0a gives high accuracy to a relatively small computational cost compared to the special elements.