New Functionality in Version 4.3

  • Particle-particle interactions are now supported (see the Rotating Galaxy model for an example).
  • Thermophoretic force, magnetophoretic force, and Brownian force are now available in the Particle Tracing for Fluid Flow interface.
  • New release mechanisms in velocity space: spherical and hemispherical.
  • Secondary particle emission.
  • Sticking expressions and coefficients.
  • 2D histogram plots.
  • Schiller-Naumann drag force option.
  • Distribution functions for auxiliary dependent variables.
  • Particles are now released on the deformed mesh for rotating machinery cases.
  • Grouping of variables for easier results processing.
  • New global variables for the sum of masses and the total energy.
  • Filter mechanisms for improved visualization of specific types of particles.
  • Comet tail plots.

New Models

  • Thermophoresis
  • Brownian motion
  • Rotating galaxy

Backward Compatibility vs. 4.2a

  • Selections are now respected in the particle tracing interfaces. You may get different results when you re-run models created using version 4.2a.